Empowering children to develop emotional resilience

Supporting children's mental health from an early age
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The Calmsie Approach

At Calmsie we empower children to develop emotional resilience. We combine a gaming experience with conversational AI and elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to create a structured educational program with interactive activities, animations, storytelling, and real-time discussions.

It’s an engaging solution so children enjoy learning about their emotions and effective coping strategies.

The Calmsie Solution - Mission Amygdala

An engaging space journey game designed to help children learn about their emotions

Mission Amygdala, help your children develop emotional resilience

To access Mission Amygdala visit MissionAmygdala.com.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a structured form of therapy that helps address thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are related to a particular problem.

We incorporate daily CBT sessions into the game so that children can discuss concerns as they develop simple strategies to manage negative patterns and gain better control of their thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Gaming Experience

The gaming experience enhances children's engagement throughout the program. Gamification ensures that Calmsie’s approach is interactive so children enjoy logging on and returning to the program each day.

Conversational AI

We use state-of-the art conversational AI to deliver real-time interactions between the child and our videobot avatars. Our technology allows children to speak directly with game avatars who guide them through sessions with General Empathy.  This innovative approach creates a more engaging experience compared to text-based conversational approaches.

Why it’s Important


of children in the US have a mental, emotional or behavioral disorder
of children in the US have a mental, emotional or behavioral disorder


of with mental health issues do not receive appropriate care
of with mental health issues do not receive appropriate care

3-4 days

on average, one child under the age of 13 dies of suicide
on average, one child under the age of 13 dies of suicide


of mental health issues amongst children in the US involve Depression and Anxiety
of mental health issues amongst children in the US involve Depression and Anxiety

The future of mental health is now

Our team of physicians uses best practices and clinically proven methods to improve emotional resilience through psychoeducation and Cognitive Behavioural therapy.

Our physicians and gaming experts work together to create games that give you the tools to optimize your mental health and wellness.

Mission Amygdala is designed to be a fun and engaging game that brings emotional education to life — This keeps your child’s emotional strength training entertaining, challenging, and something they will enjoy returning to for each new mission.


We are validating our conversational approach in a randomized comparison longitudinal clinical trial for adults. This ensures safety and efficacy before introducing it to a paediatric population.

We have obtained positive preliminary results from the first patients showing a decrease in severity of symptoms for both depression and anxiety after using our app based program, which includes daily interactions with our chatbot.

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Mental Health Tech

Product of the Year 2021



Inception Program Fellow
Roche x EIT Health
(Digital Therapy & Disease Management)
and Public Award HealthCareLab 2022
AI Challenge
1 of 30 Top Startups
KMS KRK InnoTech Starter Acceleration
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Health Challenges Congress
Finalist Innovation Reward
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Join the community of mental health specialists supporting medical advancements and initiatives for children’s mental health.

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Our Team

Marcin Waryszak

Chief Executive Officer

Brian E. Wallace, MD, PhD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer

Gabriela Zdunek, MD

Chief Research Officer


Mateusz Masiak

Chief Financial Officer & Tech Lead

Urszula Mazanek

UX/UI Designer

Wojciech Kłopotek

ML Engineer

Jakub Jasek Image
Jakub Jasek, MD

Game Developer

Przemysław Rozwałka

DevOps Engineer

Advisory Board


Prof. Marek Masiak, MD PhD

Psychiatry Professor and International Key Opinion Leader

Shwen Gwee

Former co-founder of the Novartis BIOME and former VP / Head of Global Digital Strategy at Bristol Myers Squibb

Dr. Jolanta Masiak, MD PhD

Chief of Psychiatry at High Volume Clinic

Dr. Jarek Oleszczuk, MD PhD

Former AstraZeneca
Poland CEO

Weronika Czaplewska

CEO Quantfin Foundation, Former marketing director at dataplace.ai; academic teacher

Anna A. Robson

Brand Specialist, former Marketing Director at Stena


8-year old expert on products for children and game testing

we support displaced from Ukraine

Lila and the Dragon

Children may be sad, scared, or even angry. Perhaps they feel all of these emotions at the same time. That can be hard to deal with. We created a story and a workbook to help address children's emotional needs.

Listen to the story of Lila

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